Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the benefits of purchasing a license for DeepTide Security? With a license, you have the option to let us monitor your startup files for suspicious changes. We will notify you by email of the findings
  • Is DeepTide Security a substitute for antivirus software? DeepTide Security is designed to complement, not replace, antivirus software. What differentiates DeepTide is the focus on startup file changes, and the option for licensed users to have us analyze their Windows startup data. We do not check file content, but instead look for suspicious and/or uncommon file names. Conventional antivirus software may fail to recognize startup changes as malicious, since such software may emphasize "blacklisting" only "known-bad" patterns
  • Is DeepTide Security available for network-wide deployment at businesses? We are developing such a solution. Please contact us for further information
  • What should I do if think I have found a bug in DeepTide Security? Please email about the issue
  • What is the refund policy for DeepTide Security? DeepTide Security is non-refundable except for extreme defects in products, which shall be determined in DeepTide’s sole discretion, and which refund shall be pro-rated for any past non-defective use
  • Why shouldn't I use a keygen to pirate the software? It is futile to register the software fraudulently with a keygen, since we will know it was not purchased legimately based on PayPal transaction data, and as a result, monitoring services will not be provided