DeepTide, LLC is a cyber security company founded in 2014. It is the creator and distributor of DeepTide Security, a software product developed to enhance computer security by monitoring Windows startup files for changes that may indicate a malware infection. Because so much malware is engineered to load at Windows startup, monitoring the startup files has been proven to be extremely useful in detecting the presence of malware.

DeepTide Security does not in any way replace other antivirus software, but aims to detect malware that other antivirus products could miss. Our software works passively. It does not delete infections, but can result in a higher probability of malware detection compared to antivirus products that rely only on signature detection.

The free, unlicensed version of DeepTide Security requires the user to monitor and analyze the data reports generated by our software on their own.

The licensed version of DeepTide Security provides you with the option to have us monitor your startup files for potentially suspicious changes. If we identify suspicious file names in your startup data, we will notify you by email. This service involves human eyes at DeepTide analyzing your startup file data.